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Return To Pirate's Island 2

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Some player's comments on Return To Pirates Island 2

> I'm enjoying the game! I hope you develop more of these> games in the near future. ( I can't wait another 20 years...)
> Jim Lawless

I am enjoying RTPI2 immensely!

I think what I like most about it is that it is intuitive enough to function like a 21st century application, yet it retains characteristics of the old games. This gives the user some sense of the Adventure experience as it was 20 years ago. For those of us who fondly remember our old TI's (when Computing was more about function than graphical interface), RTPI2 is an exercise in nostalgia as well as logic. Please keep up the good work; I am looking forward to more!

Glenda Haley Shastry

This game is definitely fun!

It has kept my wife and I engrossed through each of the releases we've been involved in (how many games can you enjoy playing through over and over again looking for the slight changes between releases ;-) Most modern games, you'd get bored to death if you had to start again each time.

For shear nostalgia value, bringing the interface more up to date with a new adventure has clinched it for me - I'd buy another one if it were written.

James Durrant (Beta Tester)

I found the game to be fun, absorbing, intriguing and utterly enjoyable!

John Paitel

The game is fun. It's a challenge and they are getting hard to find.

I think I told you that a local family here is playing the old games i gave them because "we don't kill things!" and foul language doesn't work. <smile> (And regardless of all that I STILL am going to get past that (*&*^%$%) bear!) Had to laugh after typing that, would you believe my wife and I are still thinking about that bear and it's been what, 15 years? 20 years? I kept my TI99/4a only because we plan on getting that bear and I had no clue all the games were ported to this platform.

Scott, I wonder if you have ever given any consideration to the number of people you have "touched" with your software. You need to give your ego a little room to grow. <chuckle>

Pete White

Thanks to Return To Pirate's Island 2 I now have an irrational fear of alarm clocks! Other than that I have totally enjoyed playing the game. It was like walking down the memory lane of my earliest computer gaming experiences.

Once the hair I pulled out grows back, I'll be able to leave the house and tell all my friends about how fun it was!

M. Rice

So far, I've only played this game for about 3 hours. I can tell that it's going to suck up a lot more of my time.

I played your original games years ago - in fact, I blame them for the fact that I'm a techno-geek today.

You've managed to update the interface without loosing any of the things that made your games so fun to play. This one still has the fiendishly clever puzzles, the odd sense of humor and the twisted puns that I loved (and at times hated) in the original games.

I can't wait for the weekend so I can put some serious time in on this one. Once again, you're going to cost me some sleep.

Cynthia Haldeman

"Say Yoho"??? I never thought I would see that again! Very few things have from a computer game have stuck with me like that phrase!

I was so excited to hear about Return To Pirates Isle II, and it played better than the originals. Playing this was like going back into a time machine,

I hope I don't have to wait another 15 years to play another! Thanks for all the fun Scott!

Jamie Morgan

"Return to Pirate's Island II shows that Scott's sense of humour remains undiminished from his original games, never more evident than when you eventually find the arachnid's lair. This game has left me an insomniac, working puzzles over in my mind, and I have a ringing in my ears I'll find hard to forget....I'm so glad he left out the graphics :)"

Dave Doohan

YES!! I have ordered your game! My dad was excited coz he could play it straight away! I think he enjoyed it more because he has play all your games and I am 17 so I have only played a few. DAMM alarm clock!!! I can't find it but my dad has a few ideas don't tell us but he reckons to search under the pillow or turn the light on I will try that tonight! Well I just wanted to say that we are stuck in to the game and we are finding it hard to leave it alone! NICE ONE.



What a marketing opportunity! The TV series "Survivor" just completed! These adventures sure are a lot like "Surviving"! Wonder if you could sue them for stealing YOUR idea <grin>. Like the new Adventure so far! It's taking me a while to "get back into" adventure mode after all these years.

Congratulations on what should be a popular game if only you can tear all the Newbees away from the blood and gore of the graphic adventures so popular now.

Mike Abercrombie

I can assure you, Scott, that I find this game fun (when I can play it).

It makes me think - how to do something, what I need to do it, and where I need to do it - in order to accomplish a goal (I guess that I why I am a programmer - as well as beginning to find Linux so damn fun!)...

Andrew Ayers

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