He's back and we are excited!

The Grandfather of the Computer Adventure Industry

The Chief Adventurer himself

Scott Adams, is back in action! 

We are delighted to announce his first new game in over 10 years


My family and I have been playing. I am not a gamer, but people let me tell you I am TOTALLY HOOKED!

We are playing as a group and it is really fun. We puzzle it out together and come up with solutions. I have played on my own a little, it is fun too. All kinds of hidden things to find. I have laughed so much during our play! Lots of fun and crazy things going on in this game.

It is a real workout for using the Bible too. It is awesome fun! - Jeanne Collette

The Inheritance is a bible text Adventure computer game with sound effects for Window PC computers. Though fully based on the bible, it requires no previous knowledge or ownership of a bible to play. A King James version of the Bible is included digitally within the program.

An Adventure game is a real time novel that allows the player to live the story. You are the hero and what you do will determine what happens as the story progresses.

Picture a virtual world where your imagination replaces your own senses. Where you are attempting to recover the rarest book in the world and make it your own!

You wake up in a motel room. As you begin to explore, many tasks become clear. Solve the various puzzles and use your wits to conquer the mysteries of the Mansion on The Hill. Can you recover your hidden Inheritance?

The Bible will help you unlock the clues you uncover, yet no previous knowledge of the Bible is required.

If you have never played a Scott Adams Grand Adventure game then there is a free full demo of The Inheritance that you may download from here. This is an look at what the game is about. On average there is from 2 to 4 hours of game play if not using the built-in help system.

See what all the play testers having been raving about! See our Facebook page for more reviews and comments

  • Non-violent text Adventure
  • Type English sentences to play
  • For the whole family or play solo*
  • Extensive in-game help system
  • A game which you cannot lose
  • King James Bible provided in game
  • Automatic save game system
  • Over fifty custom sound effects
  • Supports visually impaired players
    *Ages 10+ recommended for solo play



  1. The Digital Package* is a digital download copy of the game. $19.95

  2. The Retail Package includes the digital download and a boxed version shipped to you FOB Priority Mail via the Postal Service. $19.95 plus Shipping & Handling

  3. The Limited Gold Package includes everything in the Retail package. This version though is numbered, autographed and more!

    Enclosed in the case is an autographed  printout of a section of the game's software code. This is written in the secret computer language invented by Scott Adams for his Scott Adams Grand Adventure Games. The source listing is signed and uniquely numbered.

    Also as a special limited time incentive included, at no extra charge, is Scott Adams' previous game: Return To Pirates Island 2 (normally $19.95 value by itself). $59.95 plus Shipping & Handling

*All digital versions will require an internet connection to acquire the software.

All games work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows are supported.

These offers are for a limited time only!
All prices and contents are subject to change at any time!

Package  Package Content  Price


Digital A digital download copy of the game now. (Requires Internet Access) $19.95
Retail The Retail Package includes the digital download now along with a shipped packaged version of the game. $19.95 *

* Plus Shipping & Handling

Limited Gold The Limited Gold Package includes everything in the Retail package. This version though has an autographed copy of the final game, another special autographed item and, at no extra charge, Scott Adams previous game: Return To Pirates Island 2 (normally $19.95 value by itself). $59.95 *

* Plus Shipping & Handling

 Scott Adams Grand Adventures